The Ethereum Upgrades/Merge

14th April 2022. Eth2 delayed again. Our prediction is Eth won’t merge until Jan/Feb 23. Our reasons for this are:

1. The difficulty bomb planned for July will be moved to the end of 2022 (5th time delayed).
Block times will be increased which means the network will slow in terms of mining. Miners will earn about 20 % less when this lands.
2. For Eth to be merged they have to freeze the Eth code. They can’t delay to December as most Devs/Coders won’t be working at Christmas. 
3. They have client side issues that they can’t fix.
4. Risk approach for Eth is to rush it through and maybe have the merge ready for November 2022.
There is too much money at stake to rush this through. It has to be right.
5. Consensus layer call 85 had major issues on April 7th. 

Eth2′ is now the ‘consensus layer’, which handles proof-of-stake consensus.

If you are reading this you will be concerned that when the ‘consensus layer’ is applied that profits won’t be as good in terms of mining. It’s the most common question we get asked.

Mining Rigs were mining BTC before ETH and will be mining altcoins after.

Below we have taken a screen shot from todays profits 23rd March 2022. This was taken from Although their figures are slightly out, it gives you an idea of other coins we mine.

Rev. $ on the 2nd last column shows you the profits generated on a daily basis. You will see there is not much difference in profits comparing to ETC, SERO, CFX, etc.

Our Rigs can be updated within 30 seconds to mine altcoins so we are not locked to ETH.

Lastly we are currently testing a 4th coin on our Rigs. Which will add around £3-£5 a day extra rewards.