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We’ve hope this gives an insite of the service we provide.
The service we provide is the best and nothing short of what we would expect ourselves.
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The quality of this rig is the best I’ve seen, a great build, Just plug it in and your ready to go. The advice and service from UK Mining Rig is second to none, fast build time, always on the the phone if help or advice is needed and year round support for your rig. A great investment made, make money whilst you sleep, I will be saving for more cards to stack inside my rig and definitely another Full setup. Looking forward to seeing what it mines

Ben / Manchester

Mining Rig UK have been invaluable in patiently providing not only timely and valuable guidance and information regarding my choice of rig, but everything from the quality of the rig build to delivery and installation and the ongoing support have been fantastic. 

They built the rig in record time, delivered when they said they would, and stayed for as long as needed on the day to setup and answer all my questions, adding to the comfort factor of dealing with people who obviously know their craft. 

Technical support response times are fast, and they have their finger on the pulse.

Having spoken to and used other companies out there, I can honestly say that they stand head and shoulders above the rest. I can recommend them without hesitation! Go for it.😊

Craig / South Devon

Hi, hope you are well just thought I’d drop you a line to thank you for all of your hard work and the fabulous customer service that you provide I have had my miners running now for about 3 months and I am very pleased with the results the build quality and attention to detail is awesome even down to the fine tuning after the start up and the on going support that you give is a very rare thing today.

There were other mining company’s that I considered my purchase from but I am so glad that you built my rigs and helped a complete mining novice go pro 🙏🏻.

Many many thanks again for your awesome work and great support and help.

Mark / Newquay

We’ve had a great experience with UK mining rig. We started off with a lot of questions and UK mining rig was gracious enough to video call us and patiently answered all of our questions and addressed all the concerns we had. The process of setting up the rig was incredibly straightforward and UK mining rig went through everything with us when we picked up the rig. UK mining rig was also easily accessible by phone and checked in right after we set up the rig. We were given a professional, yet personal service the entire time we were in contact. Highly recommend if you are considering setting up a mining rig.

Mustafa / Manchester

We ordered the mining rig from mining UK. They delivered the rig the next week, arriving at 7pm and didn’t leave until we were happy with everything (11pm), great service and always on the phone for if needed, cannot recommended the help and service enough!

Harrison Farms / Yorkshire
GPU Mining Rig Provider

A big thank you to UK mining rig, after speaking to numerous rig builders and speaking to UK mining rig I new I had found the right people who new what they were doing, for me it was a matter of when. Today 6 months on from speaking with UK mining rig, I am proud to say I am picking up my first rig and can’t wait to get another one. I was very impressed with the way UK mining took time and patience to explain the whole procedure, making it a seamless user experience, always has time for a conversation, fantastic company fantastic people & fantastic service. Rig is up and running and does what it says on the tin cant’t really ask for a better service, hopefully many more rigs to come.

Paul / Hendon
GPU Mining Rig Supplier

Yesterday I’ve bought my first mining rig. After a long and careful research, I found and I was pleasantly surprised to find a team of friendly professionals that took their time with me explaining how everything works. The rig came with a couple of apps that were installed on my phone making the monitoring of rig parameters and earnings extremely easy. Wonderful people to deal with, recommend to anyone that want to start investing in mining rigs.

Marian / London

Huge thank you to UK mining rig. Great customer service and really honest people. Will help you every step of the way. High quality miner ready within a few days, not only that but my house being heated for the winter. I’ll be saving up for my next rig – Dan, Manchester

Dan / Manchester

The rig is humming along like a dream. As you said. It was easy to install after the initial hiccup with it not booting up.

Liz / London
I wanted to say a big thank you to UK mining rig. We are mining crypto everyday on our new machine and can’t wait for the pay-out. from the point of deciding to ging down the mining route right till the end. Uk Mining Rig has helped greatly top blokes and a wonderful service
they got the rig made in 3 days and i added extras to it and he accommodated for those as well running all smooth
haven’t had any issues. Have rang UK Mining Rig for advice and he has advised further, He even checked with us to see if everything was working after care was second to none.
a genuine company that knows what they are doing
Unlike many others buy once and become part of the team Uk Mining Rig. So far impressed with the machine, at the time of the purchase i couldn’t afford the package i wanted
i got the machine i wanted with fever cards however the machine is set up so we add more cards at a later date and better still UK mining rig will come out to my place
as well. if your reading this and thinking should i or shouldn’t i all i can say is bite the bullet and go for it the same way i did and watch your eth grow in your mining app! Theres a lot of specilation on YouTube and various other channels eth will be unminable even if it is there is 700 other coins that can be MINED
overall 10/10 great service couldn’t fault it at all honestly cant fault Uk Mining Rig at all top company . Uk Mining Rig will defiantly be seeing you soon told the Mrs i want a upgraded card for xmas lol.
Razwan / Birmingham

Always wanted to get into crypto Mining but didn’t know where or how to start.  Called a couple of people but it seemed they just wanted to sell Rigs. Called UK Mining Rig and Uk Mining Rig gave me a fantastic 1 hour lecture about Mining and how his team can support.  Long story short, I got my first Rig and got my first Zil pay out into my wallet. I will definitely recommend UK Mining Rig as they don’t only build your Rigs for you but support you all the way.

David / Manchester

After 2 months (delivered 3.sep.21 to 2.nov.21) of mining the total printed was 0.923873 eth.  Well happy 😊

Running around 780mh reported and 760mh actual.

Richard / Melton Mowbray
Being new to the world of crypto mining I had done some research and chose UK Mining Rig  – initially due to the level of after support on offer. I was so glad I made this choice. UK Mining Rig has talked me through the entire process (sometimes late at night and weekends) and helped me to choose the right entry level rig for my budget (and not necessarily the most expensive one either) – which also helped to future proof my mining abilities.
It has been very clear that UK Mining Rig are keen enthusiasts and not solely motivated by profit. UK Mining Rig went over and above the call of duty to assist me with the build,  transactions, organising specialist shipping to Northern Ireland and patiently helping me to  set up my digital wallet etc.
I cannot thank UK Mining Rig enough for his help, assistance and dare I say ‘mentoring’ this noobie 😊
If you cannot decide which company to go for, I will tell you right now UK Mining Rig are the REAL DEAL.  Pick up the phone
……… and call them you will soon realise how genuine these people are. Cant thank you enough.
*mining rig quietly humming away in the background earning the cash for rig number 2 as I type. Cant wait.
Tim Co Armagh N Ireland.
Tim / Co Armagh N Ireland

Morning guys – Proud day for me!! Broke the grand mark this morning!!! Thanks for all your help in getting to this point.

(follow up to Peters review below, received today 21st October)

Peter / Kent

Excellent service. Rig went offline at 8.00pm and Tom got us running again in half an hour. Wow, can’t ask for more.

Richard / Melton Mowbray

I knew a fair bit about crypto but not much about the practicalities of crypto mining. So when I decided to invest in a mining rig my search brought me to UK Mining Rigs. Mining Rig UK has been brilliant from the start and guided me through getting the best rig for my budget. In fact the experience has been so positive that I upgraded my rig the next day and got a second one two weeks later. Customer service is also great and Mining Rig UK is always there if you have a question or a concern. Highly recommended.

Anna / Cambridge

Great service from Mining Rig Uk, delivered via pallet & set up remotely effortlessly. Great coms, UK Mining Rig has been available when needed. 5 Star !

Clive / Surrey

After becoming interested in Crypto Mining I found and researched UK Mining Rig before setting up a meeting.   Being a complete novice, I was extremely happy with not only the service but the comprehensive explanation from UK Mining Rig about the crypto market.

My rig wasn’t the higher end of choice but the service received was truly excellent.  UK Mining Rig worked well to set my rig up at home remotely and it was headache free – they also monitored it for days after to ensure the system was stable.  The after sales support is responsive and effective.

Thanks to the UK Mining Rig Team for building my rig – flawless service and would recommend to anyone looking to venture into this area of investment.

Peter / Kent

Collected my first Mining Rig from UK Mining Rig today, initially spoke on the phone where he answered all of my multiple questions and then i left a deposit for my rig and a week later went down to their office and spoke to him for a while. UK Mining Rig talked me through the process and made it simple for me to understand what i had to do, and got me set up. Took the rig home plugged it in and now i am mining my crypto and earning a passive income. 5* Service and highly recommend.

Ryan / Manchester

Having spent a long time researching and looking into GPU mining I came across UK Mining Rigs. From a tentative enquiry and a video chat with UK Mining Rig I knew I’d come to the right place. These rigs are plug and play and can be used without any technical know how. UK Mining Rig takes care of the setup and keeps an eye on the rigs performance. Three year warranty on the gpus is unheard of with other suppliers but UK Mining Rigs provide it. All in all I can’t fault them , great service , fast build times and they know there stuff!

Ada / Burton Upon Trent

I sent 7 X 3090 Founder Editions to UK Mining Rig who done an incredible job building this for me. I had multiple people tell me that it was too difficult to build but UK Mining Rig built this 3090 Rig within a day. Uk Mining Rigs post sale customer service has been excellent. I bought another rig from someone else and the difference in quality & service is incredible. Would highly recommend using UK Mining Rig.

Harry / London

As a Newby to the mining world I didn’t have a clue about what I needed to get a start. UK Mining Rig helped every step of the way from start to finish, after sales support is second to none. I couldn’t recommend a company for rigs anymore than this one.

Matt / Kent

Wow just bought my first mining rig off UK Mining Rig always there to answer my questions i am on my Way to my first payment of about £300 not bad for doing nothing so simple

Peter / Nottingham

From initial contact to collecting my Rig. The service has been 1st class. UK Mining Rig answered all my questions and explained in great detail exactly what I was investing in.

I visited their offices a month before buying.

Their Rig dual mines which adds about 8 % extra on current rates to my earnings on ETH. My Rig is bringing in $1200 per month for an initial investment of £17K. More importantly though it’s generating nearly have an ETH per month.

I did shop around and found other Rig builders stating a lot of facts about their new ventures claiming to building 100’s of Rigs when they are not. It’s is a bit of a mine field.

I really liked the fact that my cards have a 3 year warranty included and is backed up by UK Mining Rigs IT company. (not just a Mining company).

I’ve actaully taken calls from UK Mining Rigs clients about my Rig. Although not had any commisssion? (“,).

From a support point of view when I plugged the Rig in the room was getting hot and so was the Rig. UK Mining Rig spent all Saturday helping me. Opening the room door, small window slightly and creating a nice airflow. I basically closed the room off and it was making the rig warm.

Safe to say the Rigs running cool now and I havent had to have any support since that day. I am now 3 months into my mining Carreer. I really wished I had started sooner but I think I watched too many YouTube videos.

Thanks guys, hope this helps.


James / Telford

Our contact came about from a query and you answered and explained more then I expected, all over video. That clarity made my mind up about buying a rig.

Well today I brought home a rig from you. Thank you for preparing and fine tuning it while I was at your place.

You explained everything you were doing and that helped me understand the process of getting started. Excellent service and thank you again.

Happy mining.

Parash / London

First Class Service

I have been trying to get into Cryptocurrency mining for a while, but could not fine a good solution. I did not want to run a rig at home but also I did not want a cloud service. After some research I found UkminingRig. They sell Rigs and provide a hosting service as well. I was abroad and UK Mining Rig provided a excellent solution in a matter of days, and continues to monitor and tune my rig. UK Mining Rig runs an 11card rig for me and I delighted with the returns to date and with the option of running in renewable energy at a competitive price it ticks all the boxes.

UK Mining Rig is most helpful and I am looking forward to adding another rig to the farm soon.

Richard W

Richard / Marbella

I can’t fault the price and quality of the Rig. The advice and support from UK Mining Rig has been superb. I just wished I’d found you sooner.

Stephen / Newcastle

Very good service Mining Rigs UK. They set up my rig and offers continual support if I need any help or advice. Highly recommended.

Si / Nottingam

‘UK Mining Rig has been responsive to all enquiries and answered all questions promptly in my investigation as to whether crypto mining was worthy in pursuing.  I did a bit of market research in my analysis and I found that UK Mining Rig was both better value relative to hardware costs and it became apparent that knowledge and service promised to be better also.  In addition, lead times were far shorter than the competition, which is particularly relevant in a rising market!  Very impressed so far.’

Rob / Somerset

I have had my rig for two months now. It was ready made when I picked it up, so when I got it, all I had to do was plug it in and go. It was very easy. I started making money straight away. Since then I have had a couple of issues because I have bad wifi in my house, and the attic where I keep the rig is hot. UK Mining Rig helped me solve both these issues by controlling the fans on the rig at his end, to get the rig to optimum temperature and by helping me install a wifi router into the rig. It is running perfectly and has been now for weeks. I wouldn’t have been able to do this myself. UK Mining Rig can also manually control the rig if you give him log in details, so he can ensure it runs as efficiently as possible.

Oli / Liverpool

I have had my rig for two months now. It was ready made when I picked it up, so Very happy with my passive income. UK Mining Rig guided me every step of the way. Even helping me on a Sunday morning, after collecting from them late on a Saturday evening at their offices. They helped with me to configure my internet at home. Their attitude was the Rigs at home and had to be mining. So they called and got me up and running.

I hit lucky fining UK Mining Rig and would glady recommend them for their services and attitude to helping!

Happy mining as the say (“,).

Mr Scoon / Huddersfield